While I watch you wither here

and wait for rain that won’t appear

(to whisk away this weather drear

and wash away your pain and fear)

I hold you so your whimper, dear

here rests against my wretched ear

so I can hear your whisper, clear:

its begging for an ending near

See nothing’s left for you ’round here

where ancient wounds are fresh and clear,

your desperate dreams are filled with fear,

and all the wonder’s disappear’d

Still if I could, I’d bind your tears

and banish them, and me, from here:

see all my failures simmer near

and when they burn…

its you they sear

But never will I leave you, dear

though it may seem *I’ve* disappeared…

I was just around the corner here,

to gather round my courage near

To be there, when you need me near

to wash and tend these wounds, severe

’till time has slowed, and ev’ning’s here:

forever, then another year


and another year



The morning wakes me, cold and lost

I turn to you but then despair

The sheets lie empty, bedding tossed

a lump there in my throat is snared

My chest: it weighs a thousand pounds

packed with empty colored dread

An anchor, where a beat should sound

detains and drains my blood instead

Yes, something’s wrong… the danger reeks!

Though I can’t place my finger on

… the terror t’which the silence speaks:

“What storm must beg this eerie calm?”

But then my eye, a movement spies

beneath a blanket on the floor

There something moves where none should lie

my breath skips one…

then two…

then four…

… and fear, inhaled as I reach over

plots sedition in my mind

Defiant now my hand there hovers

screaming insults: “Are you blind?”

“Or, just insane?!” …the outrage thunders

“You must sense the danger, clear!”

But I must know what vies there under

so I scold my cold hand near

…to take the cover, moving quick

before my fleeting courage fails

I yell to bolster, as I flick

the cover rising with a swell

And there below, the truth in part

is stranger than my mind can take

a living, bleeding, beating heart:

it must be some grotesque mistake!

But nothing there can hope to soothe:

the veins are gaping, torn and frayed

…the life it craves is spreading smooth

across a greedy floor,


Then suddenly it comes to me:

that hollow in my chest? Explained

I lift my shirt, resigned to see

beneath the spreading bloody stain

… where nothing can distill my grief:

a hole’s now where my heart should be!

For Love has gone, that master thief

and stole my only masterpiece

And though I beg this one relief:

just one last beat! I beg! I plead!

The answer’s, nothere’s only grief

see, no one’s here, to hear, or heed

And I would stand, but for my feet

they’re pointing at the sky for me

for Love has gone… and here I bleat

just one last drop of blood, to bleed